The Brian Meakin Band

The Brian Meakin Band is an exceptionally gifted outfit boasting and one of Ireland’s finest blues guitarists. If you like your blues a little harder and rockier then this is the band
for you.

Brian has always been a blues man but it to the Rock end of the blues that he is drawn performing the songs of such greats as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and fellow Irish man, the late great Rory Gallagher. Add into this some Bluesy rock classics such as Led Zepplin’s “Dazed and Confused” and others and you have the perfect night of brilliant guitar playing, classic songs and a rhythm section that cradles the whole act.

Starting at the age of 15, and locked in his bedroom, Brian tortured his family with his early attempts at emulating his idol, Jimi Hendrix. But with weeks, this self-taught player grasped the essence of Hendrix and soon instead of noise and random feedback, the distinctive sounds of Hendrix started to emerge and the rest is history.

Playing in several line-ups throughout the years, Brian has been the pivotal attraction for audiences that came to see him. While he played Rock for many years, ultimately he was lead back to his roots and now provides one of the most exciting electric blues guitar acts you will see.

Striking out in his own name, the Brian Meakin band was born and since then has thrilled audiences around Ireland in clubs and festivals throughout the country. This three piece of Brian on Guitar and Vocals and with an exceptional Bass player and drummer make up one of the finest blues outfits in the country.

This dynamic trio recently added in talented the Terry Meakin on Hammond organ to produce a truly inspiring sound. This band is on the brink of international recognition and the next six months will be an exciting time for the band.

Performing such classics as Rory Gallagher’s Bullfrog Blues, BB King’s The Thrill is Gone, or Hendrix’s Voodoochile – Slight return, it is with huge effort that one would remain in their seat – for once the notes start flying and the Whah-whah kicks in there is nothing else for it but to get with it and join in the mood.

In December 2004 Brian entered and won the Irish Blues Challenge, a competition to send a band to represent Ireland in the renowned Blues Foundation’s International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee in the US. Brian took the competition by storm and will head to Memphis in February. This has focused attention on the Guitarist and with it came TV appearances and media attention and has seen his popularity increase.

If you love the guitar, then this is the band for you. Others can play well, even brilliantly – and while no-one quite knows what it is that the Brian Meakin Band has that make them stand above the rest, they are happy to be partake in their brilliance and experience the band of a lifetime…

What the greats might say about Brian Meakin

Jimi Hendrix – “This guy can really play, wow, he’s hot…!”
Rory Gallagher – “Man – you should go to Europe – they love their music over there!
Stevie Ray Vaughan – “Change your name and buy a Cowboy hat, otherwise – perfect!
Eric Clapton – “On no, not another white blues player, dammit I should have played Rock!
BB King – “Who??”

The Brian Meakin Band Meath Blues Festival